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Eating out at a restaurant places food allergy sufferers at high risk when the food is unfamiliar and the host does not fluently speak English. In an effort to minimize food allergy risks, provides five messages translated into one of many languages and food allergies. These messages are focused on minimizing the allergy risk at a restaurant, getting the right medical service and informing customs of why you must carry medical supplies.

The translations are provided by trusted friends and acquaintances around the world who speak and write both English and their local language. Only translations that I trust my life with are used on the

The creator of KillerPeanut, Tim Chandler, was born and raised in Canada, is allergic to peanuts and has suffered severe reactions in many countries around the world. Tim’s work in high-tech over the last 20 years has required him to travel extensively to over 40 countries. was created in the spirit of providing an important free service so food allergy sufferers can better enjoy food when they travel around the world. The mobile site provides free on the spot translations.

Advertisement revenue on offsets some of the fees incurred developing and maintaining this site. If you would like to see additional food allergies or languages added to this site please email kingnut(@)

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